• A B2B, subscription-based, soft-skills learning platform. Each training includes videos, activities, tests and live online coaching.

Why it rocks ?

  • No-one is combining soft-skills e-learning and online coaching for the moment. 
  • There are no soft-skills pure players in the EdTech space yet.
  • Soft skills training is the fastest growing sector in an already expanding market, but because it’s “hard to teach” there are very few actors present.
  • Our existing client base of Fortune 500 companies are already interested in buying it.
  • It’s a subscription based, cash-flow positive model that is often government subsidised (yay socialism!).

Who is it for ?

  • Training managers
  • HR directors
  • Professionals on every echelon of the organisation

Why now ?

  • Because Covid has created a vacuum in training. Companies are demanding e-learning that is engagingfun and interactive with the biggest surge in demand being soft skills. They are asking for it at scale and signing with Big Tech actors (LinkedIn, Google, Udemy) for lack of a more specialized and local partner who can still provide scale. That is where Present Perfect wants to live.

How do we want to invest your money?

  • As founders, we pay ourselves peanuts. We always have. Because we have always preferred to invest in our company and our employees. We waste nothing and have bootstrapped from day one. We would bake cookies for our clients instead of buying fancy corporate gifts, we would do our own PR, our own IT, our own everything; but now we need to step on the gas. We know that if we don’t capture market share in this current blue ocean, COVID has created, then we are GIVING UP market share. To not speed up now is to give up our seat at the table. We can’t do that. That’s why we are raising 750k€ (200k€ of which is our OWN money) to:
  1. Double our production team. We already have one studio and production team, we need to double them in order to triple our content output.
  2. Marketing. PR agency, digital marketing tools, media buying, and aggressive SEO bolstering.
  3. Capture market share. We need to hire a sales top-gun. Annabelle has signed over 200 clients for Present Perfect, but it’s time to get serious about sales. A sales director and 3 new sales agents.
  4. A web administrator.
  5. AWS/server space to scale the platform.

What we will NOT spend  your money on :

  • Salary increases
  • Bonuses
  • Teslas
  • Swanky new offices
  • Foosball tables
  • Kombucha

To sum it all up:

  • We’re not a start-up, we’re a SME/PME. We don’t have an idea, we have a product. We are building our platform and will take it to market whether we get an investment or not, but we hope you’ll invest in Present Perfect because COVID has created a vacuum. A race in the Soft Skills EdTech space. And everyday we’re not conquering new market share, we’re giving it up. Present Perfect knows how to build a million-euro business. Now we’re looking for a partner to help us build a 20-million euro, hell- a 200-million euro business. An investment partner, but also a mentor and a cheerleader. In return, we promise to work our asses off until we have generated a healthy return on investment for you. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Annabelle ROBERTS
annabelle@present-perfect.fr – 06 62 53 73 63
Alexandra SARLIEVE
alexandra@present-perfect.fr – 06 58 48 15 89