The team

"Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you"
The Hairy One
Chief Happiness Officer
Camille Kaddour
The Swiss Army Knife
Communication, event and project manager
Joanne Mouradian
The Creative Wiz
Art Director
Kelly Velasquez
The Operations Wiz
Head of Operations
Annabelle Roberts
The Boss lady
Cofounder, biz dev, communications expert, public speaking coach and mom of three #workwife
Alexandra Sarlieve
The Kick-Ass Director
Cofounder, financial director, chief of staff, chief of operations, 3rd generation entrepreneur and mom of three #workwife
Thomas Degois
The Money Maker
Business Developer
Adrian Barbero Torralba
The Creative Superhero
Graphic designer & video genius
Coach prise de parole
Stefanie Selen-Pouzet
The Coach(ing) captain
Guardian of pedagogy
Christophe Sarlieve
Client Whisperer
Directeur grands comptes

Our coachs

Clémence Lestang
Public speaking coach
Marine Galland
Communications coach
Ariane Simon
Public speaking coach & pitch doctor
Coach Prise de Parole
Caroline Monnier
Public speaking coach
Marianne Vigues
Communications coach
Aviva Brooks
Business coach & public speaking expert
Sophie Bonnet
Public speaking coach
Sarah Denys
Communications coach
Danny Rukavina
Public speaking coach & Pitch doctor
Coach Prise de Parole Present Perfect
Stéfanie Jones
Communications coach & Pitch doctor
Baptiste Delval
Communications coach & Slide ninja
Cari Craden
Communications coach, public speaking expert and pitch doctor
Charlie Fargialla
Communications coach, public speaking expert, and Pitch doctor

What we do

Speech writing coach
Communication coach
Coach in non-verbal communication
Project management
Product development
Public relations
Growth hacking

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