A sales force like no other!

Super Store is a one-day training, structured around 6 sales techniques. Each one will combine theory and real-life exercises, as well as brainstorming sessions to generate solutions for your own business experiences.

Present Perfect and Certifié Sympa joined forces to offer a new approach to sales in retail.

Present Perfect's top-notch sales and communication method with Certifié Sympa's notoriously effective and attractive customer experience techniques. Super Store provides your team with the skills set and tools to boost your sales, while improving your overall client happiness.

Boost your teams with new sales pitch technique

Super Store helps your teams strengthen their relationships with clients, perfect their approach, structure their sales argument, master body language and create a unique experience for your customers.Own a sales pitch different from the competition.

Sales techniques:

  1. Read your client: we are seen before we’re heard
  2. The hook: “Same but different”, killer questions, the 5 S’s (if you See Something, Say Something Sincerely)
  3. The sales pitch: benefits versus technical characteristics, the best argument techniques, the rain vs. sun arguments ...
  4. Client tools: non-violent communication, the outraged/apologetic method, the ‘Kill them with kindness’ metaphor…
  5. G-TEM (Go The Extra Mile): Going the extra mile in client service.
  6. Body language: coco magique, Christine Lagarde, smile and vocal bullets...