Stories not Slides

Master the most important parts in public speaking: the message and the storytelling.

Our method stays the same. Our trainings are all based on example, practice and interactivity. Our golden number for group size is still 5. Working in groups of 5 participants is, according to our experience, the best way to guarantee good interactions between the group itself and the coach. It also allows for the immediate implementation of the theory.

A storytelling training

You are, as we like to call them at Present Perfect, a regular speaker. Powerful Presentations, our training in public speaking has no secret for you, you loved it and want to go even further.

The morning :
Skills overview :

  • Setting, optimization points and expectations.

Learn the secrets of the world’s best storytellers :

  • Delve into speech creation and organization
  • Assimilate the different elements of a good speech.
  • Go deeper into ‘the presentation plan’
  • Use rhetoric and metaphors effectively

The afternoon :

Construct a speech that’s meant to be heard.

The Present Perfect method teaches you a unique way to construct your speech: deploy eloquence and discover the different oratorical tools. Writing a speech to be heard is different than writing a speech to be read. Say goodbye to the good old ‘thesis, antithesis, synthesis’. You’ll learn how to ensure that the most important information and arguments are heard and remembered.

Language et body language

In order to work on your charisma and captivate your audience, real-life situations are filmed and analyzed. This will allow participants to appropriate the tools to help them captivate their public, show the desired image and to ooze confidence.