Formation prise de parole en public-Powerful Presentations

Powerful Presentations

Let your inner public speaker roar.

Concocted after years of leading and observing presentations of all kinds, Powerful Presentations is our very own antidote against bad presentations. No more putting your audience to sleep, no more stage fright and no more PowerPoint slides that make everyone’s eyes bleed! Keywords: pedagogy, efficiency, examples, practice, and interactivity.

A public speaking training built around 3 modules.

Powerful Presentations is built on the 3 pillars of successful speaking: the message, the design, the speaker. Explore the 3 pillars to successfully lead a talk or speech: building a message, designing slides, and improving verbal expression.

Formation en prise de parole en public-Powerful Presentations

The message

Writing for speech is different than writing to be read. Improv won’t save you.



Learn the core tips and tricks of visual creation.


The speaker

Whether it is in front of a small audience or on stage in front of thousands of people, charisma can be hacked.

Going further

We consider Powerful Presentations to be minimum knowledge when it comes to speaking. Once you acquired the basics, assert your skills by going further. Go to the next level: a master’s degree in public speaking is much more rewarding than a bachelor’s degree.