Personal Branding

Personal branding, how to become more than your job.

With Personal Branding, learn how to master the different techniques of “self-marking” through entertaining and meaningful content (for you and your company).

Wanting to be more visible inside and outside your company is not a sin when done properly with sincerity, generosity, and authenticity.

How does it work?

The objective of Personal Branding is to change behaviors through a combination of theory and interactive exercises. Personal Branding is a training that never really ends. Whether you are looking to expand your talents, assert yourself at work or grow as a leader, going through a little bit of “Self Marketing” is needed. Networking, pitching or even leveraging the power of social media to expand its influence.

  1. First impression :

    A first impression is instinctive and nonverbal. Does it match your hashtags? How can it be improved?

  2. Networking :

    Network-work-work-workwork* inside and outside of your company. (*Courtesy of Rihanna)

  3. The pitch :

    Learn and develop charisma, manage stress and improve your body language.

  4. Social media :

    You think you’re getting the most out of your social media? We challenge participants to showcase their expertise and brand instead of sharing cute cat videos

  5. Editorial content :

    You now have a better understanding of your personal brand. Great! What are you going to talk about? Which subjects are you going to blog about?

  6. Presse :

    Extra channel included when participants are experts and master the criteria that shape your branding strategy.

Why would I give my employees tools to be more attractive on the job market, you ask?

We’ll respond with another question: would you rather work with people who aren’t desirable on the job market? Imagine the benefits for your employer brand of having influential and notorious experts as employees. (Great point isn’t it? Yes, we think so too.)