Life’s a pitch

When Pitch Training met Team Building.

A unique and very formative experience, over 2 or 3 hours, articulated around one problematic. Exposing and defending your ideas, as well as encouraging your peers and striving to convince, are strong team building experiences. This workshop is a crash course on the best practice of pitch, the ability to tame stress and master nonverbal language all while having a grand ol’ time.

How does it work?

The workshop is structured around one question. Said question can be given by your company or directly suggested by our coaches (i.e. Think of a product that your company could create using only existing resources? How can we be more sustainable?). After a Pitch 101 introductory speech, the teams will have 15 minutes to prepare a one-minute pitch.

Through practical, interactive and filmed exercises, your teams will learn to structure a solid pitch, write to be heard and tame their fear of public speaking by adopting an appropriate posture, as well as “soft skills”, such as audacity, presence, positive attitude and leading a team-based effort.

In 2 or 3 hours, you will combine the benefits of team building with a public speaking workshop. For bigger groups, a second coach will attend.

Pitch in good faith

Life’s a pitch is most successful when it includes mindfulness, encouragement and applauds from all participants. We know how to work a crowd. We strongly suggest to mix participants when possible and have groups of people who don’t normally work with each other. It helps participants leave their comfort zone and challenge themselves with the support of the group.

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