The UFO of communication agencies

As a communication agency, we are a bit weird. But the good kind of weird.

Communication agency and training center

We bring to France all the American tools and tricks to be a kick-ass public speaker. Let’s face it — the French have one or two things to work on in that department (#sorrynotsorry). We’re talking inspirational and dynamic presentations that blow people’s minds. Our method: develop within companies, a true culture of public speaking.

Our mantra: empower people in their professional lives

We started off in the agency world by creating great keynotes and sales summits for our clients. (A rock concert for a high-end tech summit to a fashion show for princesses #TrueStory).

Our clients were so impressed that they asked us to share our know-how and develop trainings for their teams. Ever since we have helped our clients deliver their messages with impact from data centers to luxury fragrance.

Great presentations and training high-performing speakers: this is our daily life.

Present Perfect agence de prise de parole

A company culture like no other

Ever feel like work is your second home?
Chances are you’re either a workaholic or you have a great company culture. Company culture is the intangible glue that keeps a team together, allows them to identify themselves within the company and to feel safe. Creating a unique company culture helps employees connect with each other and provides a framework for everyday work-life. It creates a context around the work environment. At Present Perfect, our company culture is a reflection of who were. It is primarily based on teamwork and performance (#WorkHardPlayHard #GetShitDone are our go-to hashtags) We strongly believe in employing people for what they are good at. We give our team ambitious goals, responsibilities and we do not babysit. We also offer them opportunities to learn, grow and try new things because we love investing in them! When we’re not working, you can see us (on Instagram @presentperfectofficiel) practicing laughter yoga, colouring, playing Nintendo, or celebrating with a beer (or two).