« A spoonful of tequila makes the pitch go down » remix de Mary Poppins par Present Perfect, leader français du pitch.

Le principe ? 6 startups sélectionnées parmi les intéressées pitchent en live et en public devant Annabelle Roberts dans des conditions extrêmes !

À gagner : 1 session de coaching individuel par la killeuse du pitch. Public, tiens-toi prêt : c’est toi le jury !

Our famous start-up pitch workshop/drinking game!

If you’re a start-up, pitching can be hard. Learning to pitch can be even harder. You know what makes it easier? Tequila! Exactly. Present Perfect in partnership with Paris Pioneers has Paris’s coolest pitch event.

Ground rules are set for startups to pitch in one minute, but if they commit cardinal sins (going over time, not pitching ‘public-centric’ not filling up their space with their body) they get one warning. Again? And everyone does a shot of tequila. It’s our experience that when the liquor loosens up the pitcher, the pitch gets better faster. And a happily buzzed crowd is just so darned encouraging! Sign up here to be notified of our Pitcher Pompette events